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 Ace and King Productions is a revolutionary trans media company focused on film and TV finance and production, high level gaming, and animated content. We have world class IP, and an impressive group of partner content.  We efficiently amortize this content across the established and emerging gaming verticals of film, TV, streaming, VR, mobile, and other forms of interactive media.    We are founded by and employ award-winning technology leaders, as well film and entertainment professionals who specialize in creating high valued gaming and entertainment titles.  We fully develop world class games, films, TV, and animated content from concept to funding. We are currently developing our own A list and AAA experiences as well as in partnership with major studios, networks and independent production companies with the most relevant film, TV, streaming, VR,AR, console, PC and mobile platforms. 


Jamie Gold, Co-Founder President of Film and Television Production

  Film and television packager, talent rep, and known worldwide as poker champion.   20 years as an agent/manager of more than 50 now world famous artists ( Jimmy Fallon, James Gandolfini, Donnie Wahlberg , Felicity Huffman, Lucy Liu) as well as packaging projects for world class writers, actors and directors. Former production deals with Warner Bros, Universal, Fox , Sony, and many independent outlets.  The winner of the largest poker event in history, the World Series of Poker with 8773 players and a 87 million dollar prize pool. Dubbed "The Poker Philanthropist" by major media.  He is on the board of advisors of four companies his tireless charitable efforts have helped raise over 400 million dollars to help those in need and affect global change.. Complete background information, at  

David Ortiz, Founder & CEO


iPro Inc- Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder

Deuces Digital Inc.- CEO & Founder- Company Acquired by iPro

Warner Bros Games - Executive Producer and Studio Head 

EA Sports - Senior Producer and Project Lead Madden NFL

Sony Computer Entertainment - Creative Director of North American Sports Studio 

Microsoft Games Studios – Lead Game Designer

Career Highlights: 

100 Most Influential People in Gaming - 29th 

•"Game of the Year" – Multiple Awards

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